Through the experience we have gained in the past years through LEAR Consulting we have developed a great passion for employee recruitment. We specialise in hospitality because we see great room for opportunity and action, which we would like to act on.

Through the addition of Julian Melgers useful synergies developed which further benefitted the company. Through his many years of experience as an independent entrepreneur, he brings structure to the processes and ensures a flawless, seamless and rapid implementation of orders.

At the end of 2020 we decided to found a consulting company, which initially focused on performance marketing of all kinds. This included, for example, employee recruitment, the marketing of online stores / products and the generation of leads.

The fusion of our core competencies. We realized that our skills complement each other very well. With Jason's years of experience in customer / guest contact and sales and Steven's expertise in marketing, we created the perfect conditions to start a joint company.

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